Dick Ayers (April 28, 1924 – May 4, 2014)

Just how did such a sweetheart of a man come to draw some of the most gruesome comics ever?

When Editor Carl Burgos was seeking artists for his line of gore/ horror comics, Dick Ayers initially declined. Finally convinced by Burgos and Publisher Myron Fass to get on board, Ayers gave his usual 100% effort and delivered the goods. In fact, he went above and beyond! Taking the grue way over the top, with lolling tongues and popping eyeballs, he poked fun at the very idea of gore comics with impossibly cartoonish violence, which was just what the Eerie Publications wanted.

With a chuckle, he happily admitted to be “the popping eyeball artist” and that he wished he was able to do even more than the 29 stories that he drew for Fass and Burgos, had the opportunity arisen.

Rest in Peace, my friend.