5 out of 5 - "I was a huge fan of Eerie Publications as a sub-teen and teenager! So many memories buying these surprisingly gory comic magazines on vacations to south Florida...I would save up all year to buy a stash...titles like WITCHE'S TALES, TALES OF VOODOO, EERIE and all the rest. These really DID warp my already Monster-stained mind with images so graphic (usually involving demons, dismemberment, beheadings, poisonings, and the like) I remember them to this day. One story that still sticks out in my mind is BLOODY MARY, a sweet little tale of an 8 year old girl that murders people in all sorts of grisly ways, including her step parents (with a dagger and a jump rope, as I remember!). I can't really add much to what the first reviewer said; he is dead on. This book is slick slick slick and worth every penny. Artists, back stories, beautiful color, dozens of illustrations, and scads of covers in all their blood-stained glory. The research is incredible. One of the coolest books that I have bought in years. BUY IT NOW!" - MONSTER BOB ~


5 out of 5 - "This book is by far more than a simple history of Eerie Publications with lots of eye-catching, full color pictures (although, the pictures are excellent). This is a great read about one of the comic industries most dismissed and over the top publishers. The range of information covered in this book makes it great for geeks and those new to the subject alike. 

I was blown away to learn about the many avenues(more like dark alleys) that Myron Fass and those associated to him went down. There was a truly well-informed, passionate, warped mind behind this book. I can't give this book a high enough recommendation!" - Mr. Dill ~

Here's a nice review and interview with the author, from one of the best places for horror and exploitation on the net- Rock! Shock! Pop! R! S! P!